Captain Marvin Dain

The Future of the Empire


Captain Dain is likable, pleasant, and generally jovial. He appreciates the commaraderie the Army presents him. He’s the tallest in his family (6’1"), has a very fair complexion and very fine hair. He is very aware of what he represents when he is in uniform, so he keeps everything as close to regulation-wear as possible. Off duty, he often wears shirts and athletic pants depicting his favorite team logos..


Marvin Dain was only recently promoted to Captain in the Imperial Army. He leaves shortly for his first command at the mining colony of Vekta (an unremarkable Outer Rim world which has only recenlty gained some attention from the Mining Guilds). He has spent very little time in the field; his duties have kept him mostly bound in support and clerical roles. This recent promotion to Captain is as much about his intelligence and saavy about navigating social scenes as much as his talents as a soldier.

Captain Marvin Dain

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