Count Lafran of Marr


The Count is a large, barrel-chested man, with a thick moustache and crown of wavy black hair. He is olive-skinned, with deep lines in his face showing his age. When he is making a display for the public, he either wears a ceremonial military uniform (depicting him as the Grand General of the People of Marr-Cote, its Colonies, and Off-World Protectorates), or the robes of the warrior-priests of generations past. In either guise, he is often armed with a pistol and a sword, both ornately decorated with gems and precious metals.

He is loud, obstinate, and proud.


Count Lafran of Marr is the Patriarch of the Royal Family of Marr (Long May They Be Blessed). He has a sizable private army (his “Royal Legion”), tremendous material resources, and friends in the Senate. His biggest concerns involve the threat of the Empire nationalizing private resources and industries. The Royal Family of Marr (May Peace Follow Them) controls the planet Marr-Cote’s fuel production and refining plants. The family has maintained its power and influence by controlling this precious resource.

The Count’s family has been a supplier of fuel to various galactic entities for generations. During the Separatist War, they signed a contract with the Republic to sell their fuel exclusively to the Republic, in exchange for a a reduced tax rate for the duration of the conflict, and a promise that the Royal Family will always be welcomed among the leadership of Republic. The Count would see any attempt at seizing fuel or any of his resources as a breach of that original agreement.

Count Lafran of Marr

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